Send fax and plant trees

EcoFax is a fast and simple fax app, that allows you to send fax right from your iPhone.

On top of that, we are giving back to nature. You can literally plant trees by using EcoFax.

Plant trees with every fax

With EcoFax you can plant trees, every time you are using it. Fax requires paper, and to offset this, you can plant trees using EcoFax. So when you are buying any package in EcoFax, you are planting real trees.

It’s time to give back to Nature and make our home greener.  We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future foundation ( So from every transaction in EcoFax, we will make a donation to Trees foundation, and they will plant trees. The more you use EcoFax, the more trees you can plant.

Send fax internationally

EcoFax supports sending faxes to over 50 international destinations - all within the same competitively priced bundle.

Send documents, pictures, or PDFs to any fax machine in the US, Europe, and in dozens of other geographies.

Scan documents using camera

We’ve made EcoFax really easy to use from your iPhone. No fax machine needed. It is the easiest and the most reliable way to send fax in seconds.

All you have to do is to upload your document, or scan it using your iPhone camera, enter the recipient's number - and voila! We’ve optimized user experience to reflect the essence of the product.

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This app is amazing! I use it every single day. Sending and receiving money goes super fast
Jonathan Davis
This app is pretty awesome. It allows me to quickly check my card balances and I can even add extra budget very easily.
Mark Grover

A pricing plan for everyone

Per month, billed annually
1 Mastercard
$2000 / Month
Download 4 expense reports a year
Plan automated payments
24/7 support
Per month, billed annually
3 Mastercards
$5000 / Month
Download 4 expense reports a year
Plan automated payments
24/7 support
Per month, billed annually
5 Mastercards
$10.000 / Month
Download 12 expense reports a year
Plan automated payments
24/7 support